Cabin Fever 3 & 4 On The Way

Somehow, the Beverly Hills production/distribution company Indomina Group sees potential in the Cabin Fever franchise, has purchased the rights and is planning two new installments.

The original film focused on a group of teenagers who were horrifically killed by a flesh eating virus while staying in a cabin in the woods and was met with critical praise back in 2002. Yet the second installment Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, which arrived in 2009, faced bad reviews and a director that wanted his name removed from the project.

Regardless, the Indomina Group plans to film the third and fourth installment in succession next spring. The first to be released will be Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, focusing on a cruise ship that encounters an abandoned research vessel, which probably holds the virus.

The fourth movie will be called Cabin Fever: Outbreak and brings the virus to an island in the Caribbean.