Call The Midwife Thrashes Sherlock Season Finale

I'd raise an eyebrow to that, Miranda
The last series of Sherlock may have been a hit with Cumberbatch-hungry viewers but a bunch of 1950s midwives are giving the supersleuth a run for his hard-earned money.

Sunday night’s screening of the second episode of the BBC’s Call The Midwife, based on the bestselling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth, averaged 8.6 million viewers. An impressive delivery of 30.7% of all viewers watching TV at the time.

Meanwhile, the season finale of Sherlock notched up just 7.9 million.

The success of the programme has got the Royal College of Midwives thinking…

Chief executive Cathy Warwick, is hoping that the drama, which chronicles the lives of hard-working East end midwife types (and stars Miranda Hart as Chummy) will inspire a new generation of midwives:”The series is having a very positive ffect, it’s encouraging women to see midwifery as a potential career”, said

This sits in stark contrast to many of the cast members who have said that making the series has “put [them] off” childbirth for some time to come.

“I was scared before”, said star Jessica Raine who plays Jenny Lee, “but I don’t think I could have a child anytime soon…or be a midwife. It’s too much information!”