Cameron Denies Plans To Ban Gay Kissing On TV

Prime Minister Cameron has said that reports which suggest he planned to ban gay kissing on television before the 9pm watershed are completely untrue. “Some of my best friends are gay!” he insisted. William Hague was unavailable for comment.

The rumours started after it emerged that chief executive of the Mothers’ Union Reg Bailey will next month submit a report to the government on the way children are potentially “sexualised” by cultural mediums, such as TV shows, music videos and adverts. Just how Mr Bailey rose to such a lofty position in the aforementioned organisation remains unclear, but at one time several newspapers were circulating stories suggesting he was advocating a ban on all homosexual encounters during soaps and other pre-watershed programmes.

The policy (which everyone claims to be completely untrue) has been widely criticised by soap stars with Corrie’s Kym Marsh saying that the rumoured ban was “absolutely ridiculous” and accused Cameron of “living in the dark ages”. Reports that the PM wanted Marsh “thrown in the stocks” were also denied by a government official.

However, a spokesman for the prime minister told the BBC’s Newsbeat that those suggesting he is considering such a ban are “both wrong and being irresponsible” and claimed that the remit of Bailey’s review “doesn’t include making recommendations as to what should or shouldn’t be shown on TV”.

All the major soaps (and Hollyoaks) now include gay or lesbian characters, but the landmark moment came in 1994 when former Channel 4 drama Brookside featured a pre-watershed lesbian kiss.