Campbell VS Scherzinger; New X Factor Judge?

Naomi Campbell, the out spoken supermodel (as if you didn’t know), has been the latest name attached to the rehashing of the UK X-Factor judging panel for this year’s show.

Last week the rumour mill was telling us that a certain Mrs Russell Brand – otherwise known as Katy Perry – was up for a position on the panel and this week it has been leaked that fellow guest judge from the 2010 series, Nicole Scherzinger, is in possible competition with Campbell to become an X Factor judge.

Despite Simon Cowell’s claims that Campbell could bring an element of “unpredictableâ€? behaviour to the show, an ever illusive (and no doubt made up) source has stated that, “It’s going to be a tough battle but Nicole seems to have the edge.”

So if we do have to wave goodbye to our beloved Cheryl Cole, at least we have an ever burgeoning bevy of beautiful stars just desperate to snatch up Cole’s judging throne.

Maybe we do live in a just world after all.