Cardinal Burns Series 2: First Sketch

Cardinal Burns

Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns return with the highly-anticipated second series of their multi award-winning comedy sketch show.

The new series will see chameleonic actor-writers Seb and Dustin transform Minicab drivers into action heroes, Postmen into Crystal Maze contestants and Footlocker employees into celebrity icons – with a healthy dose of bad parking, rap battles and extreme skipping thrown into the mix.

New characters will include Hashtag and Bukake, two Turkish minicab drivers who star in their very own Dalston-set Erotic thriller, Curtis a Jheri-curled rapper from the 80’s who invades contemporary London and Bert and Moon, two music festival stewards with cruel intentions.

Returning characters from their first series (first broadcast on E4) include Banksy, the super cool street artist who’s revealed to be a dull suburban dad, the Office Flirts, a buddy movie adventure set in the world of office temping and Young Dreams a parody of scripted reality TV which follows the hallowed lives of Rachel, Olivia and Yumi on a fashion internship in London.

Also, Phil and Jase, the unphasable paranormal investigators will return for some Human Centipede-style horror adventures.

Cardinal Burns will be on Channel 4 this Wednesday, 30th April at 10.30pm