Carol McGiffin Speaks Out About Denise’s CBB Boob

Bubbly, booby, birthday treats for Cocozza in the CBB hot tub
Mouthy Carol McGiffin has spoken out about fellow Loose Woman’s boob-bearing behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Evidently she has rather low expectations of her fellow on-screen panellist as she “can’t believe she kept ‘em in so longâ€?.

The 53-year-old former Corrie star flashed her breasts in a steamy hot tub frolic with X Factor flop Frankie Cocozza.

Writing on her twitter page, Carol said: “Just catching up with #CBB. Oh dear Denise…… It was only a matter of time and nobody died. Can’t believe she kept ’em in so long.”

Her loyalties to Denise don’t seem to stretch far enough for her to support the CBB housemate to victory.

She then tweeted: “Face to face nominations brilliant, everyone except Gareth up for eviction brilliant. Gareth’s dancing spectacular. He has to win.”

Poor Denise. Topless and friendless, she now appears to regret her rash actions. She is now understandably concerned that she may have embarrassed her husband, Benidorm actor Tim Healy and her children who are aged 22 and 10.

She said: “I really hope my kids don’t see that. It was only a bit of fun. I wanted to give Frankie a treat on his birthday.”

Err…probably best just to pop a tenner in a card next time babes.