Carrie Gets Another Remake…

carrie210“They’re all going to laugh at you!” – yes, yes they are. Brian De Palma’s adaptation of Steven King’s horror Carrie remains a classic of the genre 35 years after it was made. Hollywood keep trying to milk some more cash out of it though spawning a dreadful 1999 sequel and a badly received 2002 TV movie. Determined to prove that the udders aren’t dry Screen Gems and MGM and pulling at the teats of Steve King’s original source material as they try to scrounge up a new adaptation.

They’ve hired playwright and comic book author Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to work on a script which incorporates more of the original book’s plot.

The original saw Carrie as a young teenage girl who lived a sheltered existence due to the upbringing by her abusive and fanatically religious mother. She’s constantly picked on at school but when a bullying prank goes one step too far Carrie wreaks a terrible revenge by unleashing her latent telekinetic powers.

Aguirre-Sacasa has done a lot of work for Marvel in the past and written several plays. Most recently he was named as the “script doctor” for the much maligned Spider-Man musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.