CBB Security Guards on Stand-by as The Situation Threatens to ‘Kill Someone’

Nothing upset Danica like the prospect of paying for stuff with her own money..
Jersey Shore hunk Mike Sorrentino (better known by his self-imposed nickname ‘The Situation’) has threatened to commit a murder in the Big Brother House.

Whether he would be able to kill someone with his abs alone is unclear, but Celebrity Big Brother bosses were taking no chances after a love-triangle between Prince Lorenzo, model Danica and The Sitch boiled over last night.

Apparently the man from America’s west coast had eyes for Danica, but when she chose mega-rich Prince Lorenzo he threatened to “fucking kill someone”.

We’re just pleased that Danica – a woman who makes a living by literally getting desperate rich blokes to buy things for her – found true love with the millionaire. We’d put money on them having a long and fulfilling relationship, which definitely won’t end with her taking a lump of his cash.

Bosses called The Situation in to the diary room after the row flared. He described Danica as “one of the fakest people I’ve ever met. You jump from ship to ship to ship. I don’t like you any more.â€?