CBB Winner Wanted To ‘Drown’ Jedward

Gypsy king (and owner of one of the most Irish names ever) Paddy Doherty spoke of how Jedward did his head in during his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

The traveller and former bare-knuckle boxing champion, who won the public vote last night after beating favourites Jedward into third place, told Brian Dowling that he “wanted to pick them up, drown them, pick them up, throw them away.”

Doherty went on to explain that he was ‘very grateful’ for everyone who voted for him and told of how he’d made some good friends in the house (he took a shine to pap Darren Lyons in particular)

“I am me, and that’s it,” he explained. “I’m not used to mixing in that way. Then all of a sudden you are like a fish out of water, you have got to be yourself.”

The real non-celebrity Big Brother kicks off this evening with a two-hour launch show. FIVE executives have revealed that the new housemates are “young, sexy, fun and up for it”. Good times..