Cee-Lo Green: ‘Forget You’ Cowell, I Don’t Want To Judge X Factor

As the X Factor judging rumours continue (last we heard, Cheryl is taking the ‘Sinitta’ role on the US version, and Simon Cowell is busy plotting his next ‘how do I get featured in the papers today’ move. Probably), there is one person out there who is actually not that bothered about securing a coveted seat on the panel of doom.

Step forward Cee-Lo Green, who told The Sun in impressively laidback fashion: “I had a meeting with Simon the other day and I was just offered a job. I didn’t say no but I didn’t say yes either.â€?

Yeah, you know how it is. You wake up, get offered a job by Simon Cowell. No biggie.

Green went on to hint that he may have been offered a judging role, but expressed his views on this to Cowell, saying: “I did mention to him that I am not a judge. I don’t feel fit to judge people, but I can make observations.â€?

All together now: “And I’m like, observe you-ooh-ooh” (no, just me?)