Celebrity Big Brother is Back!

The annual career-booster/breaker extraordinaire rolled into town last night, tooting its horn and spewing forth virtual unknowns…and a few familiar faces. Celebrity Big Brother is back!

This year’s top dog in the fame stakes is undoubtedly Michael Madsen. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This Reservoir Dogs star has apparently crashed out of the Hollywood jet set with spectacular style and we will watch his progress with intrigue.

Frankie Cocozza also made a not-so-surprise appearance. From the moment he walked on to the stage at the X-Factor auditions it was plain to see he would be visiting the jungle or the BB house if X-Factor plans failed.

Natasha Giggs, Ryan’s double-crossing ex, was pitted against celeb nemesis, Nicola McLean, with both girls entering the house. Fireworks expected.

Also appearing on our screens will be loose woman Denise Welch, TOWIE’S Kirk Norcross and Pineapple Dance Studio’s Andrew Stone. Playboy beauties Kristina and Karissa Shannon provide some serious blonde booty while Romeo will no doubt be hoping to attract the attention of adoring female fans.

WAG-hating glamour model, Georgia Salpa, (who we thought was a Kardashian) was one of the less exciting entrants but could prove interesting if she speaks up about her pet hate. Gareth Thomas, Welsh rugby player and the first openly gay male in team sports, is also in the mix.

Most importantly, however, was Ex-Eastender and first lady of heart-breaking celebrity magazine interviews, Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy). As the first celeb in, she was tasked with BB’s first secret task designed to help her Big Brother told her, “break the ice. With a sledgehammer.”

Sonia was given an earpiece, and was told that she had to carry out challenges set by Big Brother throughout the evening. For each time she missed a challenge, one housemate would not get their suitcase. As usual, none of the other housemates could be told about the task.

In short, it was genius and she should win.

Trumpet-playing Sonia told Madsen that she loved him in Free Willy, repeating his Reservoir Dogs line (“Are you going to bark all day little doggy, or are you going to bite?”) in one of the most cringe worthy TV moments since David Brent’s office dance.

After kissing Cocozza on the lips, she told him she found him “very attractiveâ€?. And be reassured, BB has not lost his cruel sense of humour. Cassidy later had to talk to American twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon in a US accent, telling them that she has done “loads of modelling”, including for Playboy UK.

Poor Natalie. Lucky us.

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 with former winner turned celeb, Bryan Dowling, at the helm.