Channel 4 Axes ‘Spurious’ List Shows

Just when you thought Channel 4 had made so many list shows it was about to make The 100 Greatest List Shows, C4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt has called time on the format.

According to a ‘high up source’ quoted in the Guardian, “It is felt that they [list shows] are popular but we can be doing bolder and different things rather than something which is fun but which some people feel can feel a little spurious.”

Fear not, Alex Zane fans, as the channel plans to keep E4’s Rude Tube, a rundown of hilarious viral clips. Amongst the list shows broadcast last year were Jonathon Ross’s 100 Greatest Toys, and The 100 Greatest World Cup Moments.

This year we can still expect The 50 Worst Weddings, to coincide with the Royal Wedding, but after that we should see the back of them.

So, is it good riddance to a tired format? Or will you miss counting down the 100 greatest movie stars, stand ups, plastic surgery shockers…