Channel 4 commissions Weddings: Happily Ever After?

Weddings: Happily Ever After?

Channel 4 has commissioned Curve Media’s Weddings: Happily Ever After? (w/t), an ambitious and revealing film that captures a snapshot of marriage in modern Britain.

Sometimes touching and funny, occasionally sad, 10 couples from the UK’s wedding capital – the Borough of Brent in north west London which boasts amongst the highest marriage and lowest divorce statistics in the country – talk with disarming frankness about their love and their lives together for better or worse.

The couples in the film each offer their own unique insight into the ups and downs of married life as we discover for which of them the wedding day really was the beginning of happily ever after.

Filmmaker, Philippa Robinson adds: “In this refreshing and often funny documentary couples share with us their wedding videos and talk candidly about the ups and downs of their relationships since the day they publicly pledged their love for each other. With incredible honesty, they talk touchingly about whether married life has matched up to the hopes and expectations of that joyous wedding day and whether their marriage has been for better or for worse.”