Channel 4 To Air Two Alternative Christmas Messages

Channel 4 will this year for the first time air two alternative Christmas messages providing double the reason to duck out of seeing the Queen’s po-faced effort.

One will make a “plea for toleranceâ€? and be delivered by the stars of some of Channel 4’s diversity programmes including Max Laird from Seven Dwarves and Susan Campbell-Duncan from Beauty And The Beast. 

Also joining them will be Karen Gayle from My Transsexual Summer and, for the second time, Katie Piper, a former model who was disfigured following an acid attack.

The second message will feature Educating Essex headteacher Vic Goddard and his deputy Stephen Drew.

Stuart Cosgrove, Channel 4’s director of creative diversity said: “Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message is a yuletide institution giving voice to different opinions and social attitudes.

“This year the [first] message is collectively authored by people who have all starred in shows which foreground diversity. The message is a plea for tolerance and praises difference in a society that often demands conformity.”

Both messages will be broadcast on Christmas Day.

The Alternative Christmas message has become something of a tradition ever since Quentin Crisp delivered the first one back in 1993 (back when “The Queen’s Speechâ€? had some kind of comedy inflection).

Since then, it’s been presented by a variety of difference personalities including Brigitte Bardot, Ali G, Sharon Osbourne, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Marge Simpson.