Channel 4 to screen Wife Swap Brexit Special

Wife Swap Brexit

Few events in our recent history have polarised opinion like the EU Referendum and decision to Brexit. The outcome of the vote continues to divide and test the constitutional powers of the justice system, the prime minister and Parliament – but the schism between leavers and remainers on a domestic level is as emotive as ever.

Channel 4 has commissioned RDF the makers of Wife Swap to produce a Wife Swap Brexit Special. The show that allowed families to experience different lifestyles and perspectives on the world, returns to fan the flames of the nation’s biggest talking point – Brexit.

The show will see couples from either side of the debate swap households for one week and live with a family with very different views.

Talking about the variation on the Wife Swap theme, executive producer Daniel Fromm said: “With the Brexit debate dominated by politicians and journalists, it will be fascinating to hear the voices of two ordinary families grappling with the issue.”

Wife Swap arrived on Channel 4 screens in 2003 and quickly gained cult status with its chalk and cheese couplings.

Speaking about how the referendum result is suited to the show’s format Emily Jones, commissioning editor, added:” Wife Swap was largely about how people chose to run their homes, but it always had political undertones. Now the world has changed and recent events have brought political issues into the heart of every household. What better time to bring back this much-loved format to explore Brexit and hear firsthand the conversations happening in every home”.

We’ll keep you posted on the transmission date so you can tune in and watch the fireworks.