Channel 5 Axes Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed

Big Brother addicts get ready to be upset – Channel 5 has officially announced that there will be no live feed for this series of the celebrity edition of the show.

The broadcaster will instead replace the 24-hour stream, which has previously been controversial at times, with a variety of social media applications.

“Following speculation surrounding the live feed, we can confirm there will not be a 24-hour live feed from the house available online or on-air,” Channel 5 revealed.

“This year, we have decided to focus on the nightly highlights show and on directly engaging with the show’s viewers through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and specially created iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

“The aim is to reflect the habits of our audience today and we believe that prioritising social media is the way to get people involved in the show.”

When Channel 4 axed the show’s live feed in 2009, the broadcaster faced a backlash from the franchise’s loyal fan base, leading to the stream being reinstated for the final series last year.

Time will tell if Channel 5 will face the same criticism, but so far the reaction to the news on fan-site Total Big Brother has been less than positive. For many, the live unedited stream is the highlight of the show, with some even reportedly leaving the live feed on at night to help them sleep.

Celebrity Big Brother starts tomorrow on Channel 5 at 9pm. To read about the list of rumoured housemates, click here.