Charlie Kaufman To Adapt Chaos Walking Teen Series

With the sucking vaccum left by the absence of both the Harry Potter and the Twilight series threatening to engulf movie land, studios are scrambling to plug the hole. The Hunger Games is doing sterling work (at least in the box office stakes) in holding the breach, but Lionsgate are still on the look out for something that could do just as well and they think they’ve found it in the shape of Patrick Ness’s young-adult Chaos Walking series and they’ve picked Charlie Kaufman of all people to adapt it.

The series is a trilogy (of course) which comprises the novels, The Knight Of Never Letting Go, The Ask And The Answer and Monsters Of Men all set on a dystopian future Earth.

But with Earth in ruins, humanity has colonized a distant planet which is going well till The Noise strikes – an infection which causes all thoughts to become audible and causes chaos to run rampant. In the confusion, a corrupt autocrat seizes control in order to launch an attack on the native alien race. It’s up to Todd Hewitt to avert disaster.

When you think of teen blockbuster, Charlie Kaufman’s name isn’t one that leap out at you, being that he’s more associated with the introspective self-analysis of Adaptation and Synecdoche, New York. But, he is one of Hollywood’s most compelling screenwriters, so I’m pretty confident he’ll be able to do something interesting with the source material at the very least. And he’s had more of a mainstream foray of later, acting as an uncredited script supervisor for Kung Fu Panda 2.

In the meantime, Kaufman is setting things up for his latest directorial effort, Frank Or Francis, which will see Steve Carell and Jack Black trade sharp barbs as a director and blogger respectively.