Charlie Sheen Set For Celebrity Big Brother After £6m Offer?

Tearaway Hollywood star Charlie Sheen could be coming to Britain later this month if reports linking him to Channel 5’s inaugural series of Celebrity Big Brother are correct.

The former One and a Half Men star, who made headlines for his alcohol-fuelled ways following his departure from the show, will be heading to London in the next couple of weeks according to The Daily Star. If true, these reports would represent a serious statement of intent from the broadcaster as previous reports describe how the channel had £6m to spend in total.

“It would be unbelievable, a producer’s dream,” a production source told the paper as the accounts department looked on nervously. “No-one would want to miss the chance of seeing what [Sheen is] up to and hear the wacky things he’s saying. And let’s face it, he’s been saying some crazy stuff recently.”

A number of other celebrities have been linked with the series including Jedward, Kerry Katona (and her mother?), former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik, Snoop Dogg, BBC Radio 1’s Tim Westwood, former Visage frontman Steve Strange and Sarah, Duchess of York. Most of them are thought to have been offered considerably less than Sheen, with Jedward rumoured to be looking for £1m and some girl from The Saturdays being offered £20,000.

However C5 bosses are refusing to confirm any names for the show which is due to begin later this month. “Big Brother execs are in talks with a number of celebrities about appearing on the series, but we’re not confirming any names at the moment,” said a spokesperson.