Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Gets Her Own Show

Charlotte Crosby

Each episode of the series joins the irrepressible, fun and frank Charlotte, as she takes a break from the nightclubs of Newcastle to live with some of the world’s most extraordinary communities. From Geishas to Inuits, Charlotte will experience and embrace their unfamiliar belief systems, practices, and ways of living, in her unique and charismatic style, while trying to abide by their strict rules.

A far cry from the lifestyle she has become famous for back in Blighty, how will this mischievous Geordie lass – who once asked her parents if you need Euros to visit London – cope with the culture shock of a new world? She’s travelled before but this time Charlotte doesn’t have her Geordie chums, the tanning salon, or the Jäger bombs and false eyelashes, all Charlotte will have is a wide-eyed curiosity and the belief that she can get on with just about anyone, anywhere.

Charlotte Crosby says: “I am bursting with excitement about my new show with TLC. I literally want to run around shouting about it from the rooftops! When they told me about going to my first destination Japan, I screamed “OMG!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE I’M GOING TO CHINA!!!!” The crew just put their head in their hands!”

The four part series will air in Spring 2014