Cher Loves X Factor’s Johnny Robinson

The wait is over. Cher Lloyd has finally revealed her X Factor favourite and, get this, she wants to do a duet with him!

The lucky guy? Johnny Robinson of course.

Cher has said: “I like Johnny. I think I’d really like to watch him in a show, just for pure entertainment. I would definitely like to work with Johnny. We could recreate some ’80s stuff. It would be wicked!”

The 18-year-old, who finished in fourth place in last year’s series, has faced a lot of “hatersâ€? over the past year so perhaps she is hoping that a duet with the squeaky-voiced nice guy will do her image some good.

But unfortunately for Cher, Robinson has already picked out his dream duet partner as Kate Bush.

The Swagger Jagger singer has also spoken out in support of 23-year-old Craig Colton.

“I’ve said Craig for a long time now. I think Craig’s brilliant. I’m not saying he’s definitely gonna win but I think he has a really good chance.”

This week’s competition has already caused some controversy with a last minute change of theme from Motown to Rock expected to be a conspiracy to ensure the survival of scruffy-haired lady’s man, Frankie Cocozza.

And as part of her bid to actually become Lady Gaga, reports suggest that Kitty Brucknell will be playing the piano while she belts out a rock ballad.

I know it’s early but feel free to watch the music video for Cher Lloyd’s new single ‘With Ur Love’ below.. or not.