Cheryl Cole Set To Return To UK X Factor As ‘Head Judge’


Cheryl Cole has spoken out (through a collection of insiders, sources, close friends and members of the public who don’t mind sharing their opinions) about her unceremonious booting from the US X Factor.

What’s more, her mother has even broken her silence on the matter and revealed that Cheryl has returned to save the UK X Factor from the mediocrity which was threatening to engulf it later this year.

“Cheryl is shocked and stunned, she never saw it coming,” said one of the above before going on to suggest that Simon Cowell ruthlessly dumped her out of the blue. However a spokesperson for the X Factor boss explained that she had been told about the decision three days ago after producers became “concerned about her performance”.

While we were considering how we could get a job as a ‘source’ for one of these celebrities (let’s face it, in a world of little job security, this seems to be the only industry sector that is growing..) there were rumours circulating that she was in talks to resign for the UK show.

Those rumours were mostly attributed to Cowell’s close pal Sinitta, who spent most of this morning blabbing about it on Daybreak. “There is something going on. All I can say is Simon and Cheryl are very close and I believe that they are in talks trying to sort something out and as soon as they agree on something then we’ll hear about it.” She said, apparently unaware that such comments should be made anonymously..

Whether the fans would welcome her back so quickly is another question, with The Sun running a poll which showed that 62% of the voters wouldn’t want her to return.

Meanwhile Cole’s friends/sources/whatever have banded together to explain that claims of homsickness and a poor relationship with Paula Abdul are not correct. “The fact that Simon didn’t tell her in person hurt. She never thought he would do that to her,” they said in unison. “Her language, accent and diction were heavily screen-tested. The network knew exactly what she could do before things kicked off.”

Tulisa is expected to be the person that makes way for Cheryl if – as expected – she returns to the UK version, meaning the panel would consist of Louis Walsh, Cheryl, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow.

And Cheryl’s mother even waded into the row last night claiming that Cowell had sent her daughter back to Britain because he feared the UK line-up wasn’t strong enough.

“Cheryl has been paid off to come back to the UK to sort out the show. Simon told her Tulisa just wasn’t strong enough. The deal is she will be seen as the head judge, even above Gary Barlow.” she said proudly.

So what do you think of Cheryl’s return? Will you welcome her back?