Cheryl Slams Useless Louis Walsh For “Zero Involvement” In Girls Aloud

Cheryl Cole has laid into Louis Walsh for his lack of involvement managing Popstars: The Rivals winners, Girls Aloud.

“We never had management. Louis claimed to be our manager but he never did itâ€? Cheryl has told the new issue of Marie Claire.

The former X-Factor judge has claimed that her co-panellist did little more than snap up the cheques.

“We didn’t talk to him or anything like thatâ€?, Cole added. “He just took a cheque.â€?

Good job this pair are now longer fellow judges on the Saturday night giant, but we’re sure loudmouth Louis (as he is known to his friends) will have something to say about all this slander.

And there’s more. How much involvement did Louis have with the band Cheryl?

“Zero involvement.

“Oh yeah, he took the cheques. We managed ourselves. He never chose a hit. Who chose them? Us.â€?

The leggy popstress appears to be back on fighting form after her embarrassing US X-Factor sacking. The 28-year-old has just shot a new video for her next single Call My Name – which it is reported will have its first airplay on Radio 1 on 20th April.

On Sunday she teased fans with a cryptic tweet hinting at some of the song’s (inspired) lyrics: “Its a WRAP!! How d’ya think I feel when you Call My Name ??.. #saymynamebaby.”

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