China Bans TV Ads In Bid To Control Population?

China’s ruling Communist party has banned commercials from appearing during any television drama in an effort to increase programming quality and boost viewership.

While no commercials seem like a dream come true for many TV fans, the decision more likely comes from an attempt to keep Chinese citizens off the internet. As the government sees it, advertisements lead to a decrease in the entertainment and cultural value of shows, causing more citizens to turn to the World Wide Web as an alternative.

As TV is the most popular and profitable media outlet in the country, the government controls it tightly. The ban will take effect at the beginning of the New Year and follows a recent law that regulates the amount of reality shows that appear.

The Guardian reported that the Chinese state administration of radio, film and television hopes that eliminating ads will “improve the level of public cultural services, protect people’s basic cultural rights… and leave the people satisfied.â€? The state media believes that with ad revenue shrinking, TV stations will be forced to focus on programme quality to attract the most viewers.

While on the surface this appears to be in the best interest of the Chinese public, it is more likely an attempt to keep citizens tuned into the section of media most heavily under government control.