Chris Evans Might Take On Motor City

Chris Evans is currently busy chucking shields at Nazis in Captain America and filming The Avengers but he’s been offered a completely different role once he’s done – that of the lead in Motor City.

Twitch reports that Book of Eli (*hawk, spit*) co-director Allen Hughes is attached as a director which will be based on Chad St John’s Black List script. That’s puzzling news as Hughes is supposedly already attached to Broken City which Mark Wahlberg reportedly dropped out of David O Russell’s The Silver Linings Playbook to star in.

With this new development, we’re not sure what to think.

Warners are apprently pushing for Motor City to start filming in January with producer Joel Silver pushing Evans for the lead.

The script follows a small time criminal thrown in jail. When he gets out he swears revenge on those who put him there. Revenge movie huh? Well, that’s hardly going to set anyone’s pulses racing. But the hook is this – the lead will only utter a single line of dialogue. Interesting on paper, possibly hard to pull off in practice.

More news on whether Captain Beefcake takes the role or not as it comes in.