Chris Hollins To Replace Adrian Chiles On Daybreak?

As long and protracted sackings go, the demise of Adrian Chiles is making Gordon Brown’s efforts to cling to power last summer seem like a quick and painless affair.

The latest round of scurrilous rumours to emanate from ITV report that Daybreak bosses are planning to hire BBC Breakfast‘s Chris Hollins to replace the furrowed presenter.

Hollins has announced that he will not be part of the BBC show when it moves to Manchester next year and The Sun has claimed that channel bosses are keen for Hollins to play a “significant role” in Daybreak’s future – purportedly working alongside Chiles and Bleakley.

“The feeling is that Adrian is the main issue as audience research keeps showing him up as being grumpy,” a source told the paper. “Hollins is the complete opposite – perky, engaging and a big hit among the breakfast audience, which is mainly women. The bosses want him. They reckon he could have what it takes to help the show snare more viewers.”

“Getting him on board will also put a rocket up the current set-up, which has had mixed reviews from the audiences,” continued the source.

“If Chris signed up and Adrian, who is temperamental at the best of times, got the hump, he might just quit. I don’t think that would overly concern ITV.”

ITV have reportedly been reticent to sack Chiles after being told he would be able to claim a £4 million pay-out.