Chris Pratt Wants To Shoot Robert Downey Jr In The Face

Guardians of the Galaxy

“Guardians of the Galaxy” may not even be out yet, but Marvel has already commissioned a sequel – and star Chris Pratt has a clear idea of where he wants it to go.

“I really, really think Star-Lord should kill Iron Man,” he revealed during a press conference in London last week, “People would be so surprised!”

Pratt and director James Gunn admitted that, far from being tired of the film they’ve spent the past few weeks promoting, it’s all they talk about. Gunn explained: “Chris and I were driving somewhere, and we were having one of our ridiculous conversations about ‘Guardians’ and what we could do with this universe. He looked at me and said: ‘It would be so awesome if he just came down and shot Tony Stark in the face’.”

While Pratt admitted “Marvel will never use any of my ideas, so this isn’t a spoiler,” he did point out the financial sense: “Marvel would be like, ‘Robert Downey Jr. earns $100 million a picture and we can’t afford him anymore. Pratt works minimal wage and he’ll kill anybody.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is released in cinemas across the UK on 31 July. You can read our review here.