Christian Bale’s Post Batman Film Offers

As Christian Bale’s destined to hang up his throat lozenges for good after The Dark Knight Rises hits our screen next summer, the offers for the sooo-to-be-unemployed Caped Crusader have started to role in.

According to Variety, top of the list is the remake of Park Chan Wook’s excellent dark thriller Old Boy which Spike Lee is currently attached to direct. If Bale signs up, he’ll play the villain who abducts the protagonist and holds him hostage for 15 years. But that’s only phase one of a sinister plan. The original’s somewhat of a cult classic (and features one of the best fights ever committed to celluloid) – quite why this even needs to be remade isn’t really apparent. Oh yeah, money, that’s it.

Next up, Clint Eastwood’s apparently looking to cast Bale in A Star Is Born as the male lead, a role which would see the bizarre situation of him mentoring Beyonce before falling for her. “What don’t you fucking understand?” etc.

There’s slightly less known about the other projects but they include Michael Mann’s Gold which is being billed as a modern day Treasure Of Sierra Madre adventure.

Even less is known aobut Out of the Furnace (formerly titled The Low Dweller), a tale of a criminal name Slim avenging the murder of his brother. Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper will be behind the cameras for that one.

And finally, there’s Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, which would see the construction of the Biblical Ark. Bale for what, Moses? We’d like to see that.

Bale’s not committing to anything at the moment, preferring to concentrate on his Batman role until The Dark Knight Rises finishes shooting at the end of the year but it’s a solid bunch of movies to be thinking about.