Clarice Starling To Get Her Own Origins Series

Lifetime, the network that gave us the “I’m watching this ironicallyâ€? television film William and Kate returns with it’s take on another timeless romance, this time featuring Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lector.

Hot on the heels of NBC’s Hannibal, which has its focus on Lector and Will Graham, Lifetime’s Clarice, as the title suggests, follows Clarice Starling as she graduates from the FBI Academy.

No doubt being a Lifetime production, it will be a glossy affair, with Starling returning home to her apartment (red brick interior) where she lives with two fellow female FBI agents, on hand to offer emotional support and relationship advice.

As such the series will sit between the events of the character’s two film appearances, in Silence of the Lambs where she was played by Jodie Foster (above) and Hannibal, where Julianne Moore played her. Who’ll star as the FBI agent in the upcoming series as unclear.

It’s expected that, true to “troubled copâ€? form, the psychological profiler will struggle with relationships, and coupled with the titular character’s back story, there is plenty of opportunity for a good weep, and of course, heavy use of flashbacks.

Whilst it is rumoured that the character of Hannibal will not have a prominent role in Clarice, in contrast to NBC’s Hannibal, it seems likely that the staff of Clarice will have the character on standby, and much like the character of Clarice Starling, visit him when they need help, except with ratings, not with serial killers.

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