Clash Of The Titans 3? <Sigh>

Warner Bros are setting their writers loose on a third instalment on the Clash Of The Titans series. The first, which was a sort of bullet-pointed guide to how not to make a movie was also a 3D conversion nightmare which left actors standing next to their own beards.

A sequel, titled Wrath Of The Titans (although this is still subject to change) will arrive on our screens in March next year but Warners are so confident of its success that they’ve commissioned a third film before it’s even been released.

They’re probably right – Clash Of The Titans made $500 million at the international box office despite damning reviews, so it’s reasonable to expect that the sequel will perform similarly. It’s up to you dear reader – only you can save our box office from terrible movies. Vote with your wallet.

Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman is finishing up Wrath as we speak but there’s no word yet if he’ll be working on the third film. If it’s any good, I’ll eat my sandal.