Classic Arcade Game Rampage To Be A Movie?!

When I was growing up I spent many happy hours playing Midway’s Rampage on my ZX Spectrum. The gleefully anarchic game saw you play one of a trio of monsters – George (a sort of King Kong ape), Lizzie (a giant lizard in the vein of Godzilla) and Ralph (a giant wolfman). The aim of the game was to climb and smash buildings, while eating people, stomping on cars and avoiding being shot down by helicopters or bonked on the head by falling TVs.

It was endlessly entertaining but not really something that had much of a plot (apparently the creatures were all created from mutated humans – news to me) but now New Line Cinema are reportedly working on a big screen adapation which will be in the same vein as Ghostbusters or Independence Day.

Who knows, it could be silly and fun.

In the mean time, why not enjoy this emulation of Rampage? There goes your lunch hour.