Coen Brothers Want Timberlake For ‘Inside Llewelyn Davies’

The Coen brothers have been busy assembling the cast for their highly anticipated next project, Inside Llewelyn Davis and the latest offer for a lead role has gone to Justin Timberlake.

The boy-bander turned solo artist turned actor has had no trouble getting movie parts in his relatively short career and his strong performance as Sean Parker in The Social Network shows he’s got chops.

Doubtlessly, his singing ability will be called upon in the movie, which centers on Greenwich Village’s ‘60s folk music scene. Timberlake has been offered a lead role as Jim, an aspiring folk singer who is mentored by the title character, to be played by Oscar Isaac. Jim’s wife, Jean, will be played by Carey Mulligan who is already on board.

Working with the famed directors can only help Timberlake’s budding career and an offer like this could provide his greatest opportunity to date. Joel and Ethan Coen hope to begin filming in early 2012.

Timberlake’s latest movie, In Time, premieres today.