Cole Hauser Joins Die Hard 5

Cole Hauser (erm…yeah, we had to look it up too – he’s the Captain from Pitch Black)  is set to star as a villain in the 5th in the Die Hard series, A Good Day To Die Hard.

Deadline has it that that character’s name is Collins but there are no other details so far.  He’ll be joining Sebastian Koch and Yuliya Snigir as antagonists but there’s nothing on exactly what dastardly plan they’ll be hatching.  A gang of international vest thieves perhaps?

Hauser’s been on screen with Willis twice before – in Tears Of The Sun and Hart’s War – but this time they’ll be filming a plot which sees John McClane and his son Jack (Jai Courtney) team up to fight terrorists in Russia.

It’s down for a February 2013 release date – odd as you’d think it was more summer blockbuster fare – but I guess they’re trying to corner the Valentine’s weekend market.  After all, nothing says “I love you” better than a faceful of explosions and canny one-liners.