Colin Morgan Confirms Merlin Return

Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin in the BBC series of the same name, has confirmed that the show will return in the autumn, and filming on the series “started last week.â€?

Talking to CultBox, Morgan sounded positive about the fourth series, saying: “It feels like, coming in to the fourth series, the show’s really taken a place in people’s hearts… We’ve just got scripts for the first three episodes through and it’s hugely exciting.â€?

“It’ll still [air] this autumn, either in September or October this year.â€?

“The basis of the story that we’re working on is so strongly established in legend, so it’s great to see these icons coming through,â€? he said, in reference to the addition of the Knights of the Round Table to the story. “The show has always been about taking the legends and showing them in a different and unexpected way.â€?