Come Fly With Me Gets Ready To ‘Take Off’ With Second Series

Apparently ignoring critics’ reviews that have completely panned Matt Lucas and David Walliam’s latest offering Come Fly With Me, BBC head of in-house comedy Mark Freeland has announced a second series of the airport mockumentary.

Unable to resist a good pun, Freeland said: “After such a flying start on BBC One, it’s great news that Matt Lucas and David Walliams will once again be filling the check-in desks, departure lounges and cockpits with their wonderful and weird characters.”

Hmm… wonderful and weird characters you say? Pretty sure it’s just been a heavily-reliant-on-wardrobe Walliams and Lucas prancing around minus any real gags but hey, with 6.1m viewers tuning in for the last episode on Thursday, what do I know?

Side stepping glowing reviews such as, “the worst sketch show, or sitcom to have ever gone out on a Christmas Day” (the Daily Express) BBC One controller Danny Cohen, added: “Come Fly With Me has been a huge hit with audiences. I can’t wait to see what Matt and David will do with the second series.”