Coming Soon: Resident Evil 5

resident-evil-apocalypse-300Sony Pictures have announced that a fifth film in the Resident Evil franchise will be made, making movie fans everywhere wonder who is actually watching them.

The studio have gone as far as giving a late 2012 release date for the film and confirming that it will be available in 3D, which will add an extra dimension of zombie gore.

The films are based – albeit loosely – on the series of games by Capcom, and have made money, even though they have been largely slammed by critics.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (the fourth film) was a success outside of the US, making $236 million at the box office, which was over twice what the third film – Resident Evil: Extinction – made. In the US the film made $60.1 million, also up from $50.6 million made by Extinction.

The current release date for the film is September 14, 2012.