“Companion, NOT Doctor Is The Real Star” Says Moffat

For a man who refuses to talk about the plot details of his various TV shows, Steven Moffat doesn’t mind chatting to the press. Not that we’re complaining, because there are no shows we love hearing about more than Sherlock and Doctor Who..

And so to Moffat’s latest musing, which BBC America were on the end of recently. While over in America filming a New York episode, the showrunnner explained that it is the Doctor’s companion and not the Doctor himself who is the star of the show..

“The story of Doctor Who is always the story of the companion, it’s always their story,” said Moffat. “It was Rose Tyler’s story, it’s Amy Pond’s story – the story of the time they knew the Doctor and how that began; how it developed and how it ended.”

Current sidekicks, Amy Pond and Rory Williams – aka Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill – are set to leave the show in the fifth episode of the new series (with one expected to pass away) with Jenna-Louise Coleman (above) debuting in the Christmas Special.

“The story begins again, not so much with the new Doctor, but with the new companion,” Moffat continued. “It is their story. The Doctor’s the hero, but they’re the main character.â€?

“I thought about the Doctor travelling on his own and it always faintly depresses me,â€? added Moffat. “I’m not sure what he does on his own but I don’t think it would be healthy. He’s far too old and he’s seen too much.â€?