Comparisons to X Factor “Unfair” Says Reggie Yates

Reggie Yates has defended The Voice and said that comparing it to The X Factor – a show which has been perfecting its craft for nearly a decade – isn’t fair.

The Radio 1 DJ, who co-presents the £22 million singing competition alongside Holly Willoughby, told The Sun; “Comparing the show to another which has been on for nine years just feels unfair. We’d just started and if you rule out all the comparisons and look at what we did then I think you’d see we did a bloody good job first time around.â€?

The Voice has had a rough ride in the press and struggled for ratings in its final weeks. Amid rumours of a shake up to the show’s format, Reggie admitted that “None of us know yet if we’ll be back on The Voice.”

“You know what it’s like with these big entertainment shows, everyone finds out at the last minute. I’m waiting much like everything else. I want to be back, if it happens, I’d be chuffed to be back, because it’s so much fun.”

Commenting on differences between the two shows, the voice of Rastamouse said; “It’s not that kind of show, there are no backstage antics, there are no dressing rooms with huge hot tubs in them.”

Perhaps The Voice needs some “backstage antics” if it’s to redeem itself – earlier this week it was confirmed that The Voice Tour had been cancelled due to poor ticket sales, and winner Leanne Mitchell’s debut single failed to make an impact on the charts, managing only number 45.

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