Corey Haim’s Mother ‘Numb’ After Oscars Memorium Snub

corey-haim_largeCorey Haim’s mother has spoken out following the late actor’s snub from the Oscars memoriam montage, saying the Academy are “not aware who is a household name”.

The segment pays tribute to the industry members who have passed away the past year, with this year’s ceremony honoring Titanic star Gloria Stuart, actor Tony Curtis and Tarantino editor Sally Menke among others.

Haim had a high profile career thanks to cult classics such as The Lost Boys but struggled with drug abuse over the years and died in March last year, aged just 38. His death was due to complications relating to pneumonia.

Speaking of his exclusion from the Oscars, Haim’s mother told “When it was over, I shut the TV off and was so hurt, and I was numb and feeling his pain. This would have hurt him to the core.

“They knew Corey and sent condolences, and they explained that 200 [industry members] passed away in 2010 and it’s impossible to mention them all. But I felt there were people we didn’t even know who were on [the memoriam].”

She added: “I am sorry, he has paid [his] dues. How can you not honour them? How can they say there’s not enough time? They need to find time.”

Haim was also previously missing from the Screen Actors Guild Awards memoriam section in January. His former co-star Corey Feldman said at the time: “”We have become used to not being honoured by our peers in the industry.”

But he added that he believed Haim would instead be recognized at the Oscars, saying: “I have faith that the Academy will make a wiser choice.”

The Academy issued a statement explaining their decision, saying: “Whatever the length of the sequence, there will always be fans and family members of those not included who will be disappointed by their omission. The Academy extends its understanding and its apologies to those who missed seeing a favorite face in this year’s feature.”