Corrie Cast To Go On Strike?

Not impressed
It’s not just aggrieved public sector workers who are fond of reaching for their placards and popping up picket lines.

The Coronation Street cast are supposedly threatening strike action to ITV bosses after they received letters informing them that the Saturday omnibus edition will be moved to spin-off channel, ITV2.

So far, so innocuous.

Oh contraire soap fans. What it means is that the repeat fee they currently receive will come to an abrupt end and be replaced by a smaller royalty fee.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “The stars are not happy and without the stars there is no show.

“They don’t feel they deserve a pay cut while the show is at the top of its game.

“If the situation isn’t resolved some cast members have indicated they’d be prepared to go on strike.”

If the strikes do go ahead, we look forward to some inventive storylines with writers tasked with explaining Rita AND Norris’ sudden absence from the The Kabin…