Count Arthur Strong coming to TV


BAFTA award winning writer, Graham Linehan (Father Ted and The IT Crowd) has joined forces with Sony Gold Comedy Award winner, Steve Delaney and Olivier Award winner Rory Kinnear for a brand new comedy series for BBC Two, Count Arthur Strong.

The series follows the world of Count Arthur Strong (Delaney), a bumbling faded variety act, prone to delusions of grandeur, selective memory loss and the blurting out of malapropisms. He was never as famous as he thinks he was… or still thinks he is. Now Arthur’s days are all about opportunity with another great entertainment triumph only a phone call away. But until that call comes Arthur spends his day making the most of what comes along creating chaos and confusion wherever he goes – blissfully unaware that he has done so.

Count Arthur Strong is a fictional comedy character created by comedian Steve Delaney. Delaney created the Count Arthur character in the 1980s when he was a drama student at Central School of Speech and Drama in London. In 1997 Delaney resurrected Strong for the Edinburgh Fringe, an outing that gained a commendation from the Perrier Award panel.

Further runs at Edinburgh gained the character cult status, with fellow comics, including Ross Noble and Noel Fielding, being particularly vocal in their support of the character. In 2003 Count Arthur appeared regularly as a guest on Mark Radcliffe’s BBC Radio 2 Show. In 2005 he was given his own BBC Radio 4 series entitled Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show! The series, now in its seventh season, won the Sony Radio Award for Best Comedy in 2009.