Cowell Booed AT BGT & Confesses That “Cheryl’s Had It With Me..”

Amid all the name-calling, he-said she-said and other X Factor bruhaha, we’ve almost lost track of exactly who the British public are hating on most at the minute. At the end of last week, the internet was awash with stinging criticism for Cheryl Cole as the vast majority of fans explained how they “didn’t want the Geordie back” while asking themselves.. “Who does she think she is?!” etc. And now that they’ve got their wish, they’re booing Simon Cowell to the rafters at the latest BGT event! So what’s going on Britain?

As per usual, OTB thinks it knows and even if it doesn’t, it certainly isn’t shy about doing some very public guess-work. We reckon that this weekend’s sorry fiasco is a direct result of Cheryl’s latest plan to escape the public lynching that seemed increasingly likely as the weekend began. Listen up..

After realising that she was being portrayed as someone who’s got a little too big for her boots when reports circulated that she would automatically be welcomed back on to the British X Factor, she refused all contact with Simon Cowell in a tactical bid to win back some sympathy from the public following his latest shenanigans.

Cowell – who was spotted smoking at the BGT audition yesterday! (A sure sign of someone cracking up/signing a deal with Satan) – was heard to tell a confidente “She’s had it with me..” after news broke that he’d been trying to contact her all weekend.

“The gossip before the show was all about Cheryl and Simon. People were reading The Sun and saying, ‘Can you believe what he’s done to poor Cheryl?” a source told The Sun.

“As soon as the warm-up guy said, ‘Simon is in the building,’ everyone suddenly started booing. People were saying, ‘That’s for Cheryl’.”

A pal of Cowell said: “He was saying, ‘She’s had it with me. I’ve hurt her and she won’t forgive me for this’.
“He is really worried that she won’t speak to him ever again.”