Cowell Furious With Drunken X Factor Hopefuls

Simon Cowell has spoken of his fury after X Factor hopefuls went on what can only be described as a booze-fuelled rampage in Marbella.

The music boss had taken his category to Marbella and was using a £15,000-a-night villa for the Judges’ Houses stage of ITV1 competition. However his charges – who were staying in a nearby hotel – got a bit hammered and disturbed him after raiding a drinks cabinet in one of their rooms.

“The contestants really let their hair down when they got to the villa on Sunday and they were drinking, singing and partying,” a source told The Mirror. “They even got stuck into Simon’s beer, so he wasn’t happy at all when he went to the fridge for a drink the next day. To make matters worse they damaged antiques in the villa and ruined a rug.”

Cowell was woken by the revellers at 8am after being asleep for only a couple of hours and has vowed that those responsible for the damage would cover the costs.

“Yes, they did wake me up. And any damage will have to be paid out of their first royalty cheque if they make it – to teach them a lesson,” he reportedly told the paper.