Cowell Fury As Strictly Beats X Factor In Ratings

Simon Cowell went on a furious rampage last night after his show was defeated by Strictly Come Dancing in the Saturday evening ratings war. According to The Sun he told producers of the show to “sort it out!”

The show lost two million viewers on Saturday evening with just 11.4million viewers tuning in for the live show — down 700,000 on the previous week. That is a staggering 2.3million fewer than the 13.7million who saw the same stage last year.

Yet that was only the start of the bad news for ITV as viewing figures revealed that Strictly Come Dancing beat X Factor by a million viewers during the half hour period in which the two shows overlapped, after hitting a series high of 10.1 million viewers.

“The figures are hugely disappointing for The X Factor because the whole point of the live shows is that they are supposed to build momentum,” a source told the tabloid.

“Last year there were nearly 14 million watching the second live show. Where have all those viewers gone? It’s no wonder Cowell has gone ballistic. Losing viewers is the last thing he wanted to happen.”

Simon Cowell called the UK team from LA where he is working on the US show and ripped into them for making a mess of things.

“Simon is furious,” continued the source. “This would never have happened on his watch and he wants the team to know this and sort it out.

“He knows there is great talent on the show, but he thinks the attention to detail has been shocking. The acts are not being showcased at their best.

“Say what you like about Simon, but he spends ages dithering over the tiny details to make sure everything is perfect. There’s no way he would have sanctioned some of those song outfits or choices.”

The show was battered on social media sites over the weekend, with fans criticising outfits and song choices. Nu Vibe – who were dumped out as the judges voted to save Frankie Cocozza yesterday evening – also took a battering on twitter with ‘No Vibe’ trending after their performance of U2’s ‘With or Without You’.

But while fans were hitting out at the producers and wardrobe department, the judges are thought to be rounding on Kelly Rowland due to her continuous meddling with their acts.

“Kelly is trying to turn this into The Kelly Show with her meddling — and it’s really putting people’s noses out of joint,” said another insider. “The contestants love it as they’re in awe of her but the judges hate it.

“Tulisa has properly fallen out with her after Kelly went to speak to her about the styling and songs and vocals for Rhythmix.

“Tulisa just ignored her and was fuming that she was poking her nose in. Kelly walked off muttering something about, ‘Tulisa not wanting her advice, even though she has sold millions of records and was in the biggest girl group ever’.”

ITV defended the show’s ratings, claiming that the channel was still bossing prime-time, but the news will be worrying for bosses, especially with Downton Abbey also losing some viewers in recent weeks.