Cowell Plans To Send Next BGT Winner Into Space!

Cowell’s next bonkers scheme to secure viewers to their sofas on a Saturday night will put you into orbit when you hear about it (arf arf).

Or rather….it will put the winner of the next series of Britain’s Got Talent into orbit.

I jest you not, the media mogul and former X Factor UK judge has struck a deal with Richard Branson worth ‘tens of millions’ to ensure that the next BGT winner will have the option of “performing in spaceâ€?.

“I love the idea that if they are up for it they have the option of performing in space,â€? the 52-year-old media mogul told the Daily Star.

“It’s tens of millions of pounds but Richard genuinely is up for doing it. I am being serious, I swear to God and on my mum’s life.

“Of course we have to think about the details. If you’re a juggler we’ll need to make heavier balls. If it had been a few years ago Susan Boyle could have been singing Unchained Melody in front of the whole planet!â€?

Now don’t get us wrong, this news is incredible and we LOVE the idea of SuBo in space but…it does smack of desperation.

Cowell’s latest extravaganza, Red or Black? was panned by…everyone and this year’s X-Factor was regularly thrashed by Strictly Come Dancing.

Let’s see if this latest scheme helps his TV empire strike back.