Cowell To Launch ‘Sports Factor’ During 2012 Olympics?

If any proof was needed that Simon Cowell has no sense of irony, reports suggest that he is planning a sports talent show to coincide with the 2012 Olympics in London. The Olympics, of course, is the biggest sports talent show on the planet, so the X Factor boss is clearly setting his sights high.

In fact, The Sunday Mirror reports that Cowell has been meeting with the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, about the show. Mr Hunt has previously stated his plans to hold a sports competition called ‘classroom games’ involving around 500 schools. But when asked about the project, Mr Hunt’s spokeswoman quipped, “I’m not expecting Jeremy to appear on X Factor.â€?

“Cowell already has the two biggest shows on TV with Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor,â€? said an insider. “Now he’s working on another featuring sport… Sport could be the new showbiz in 2012 and Simon is interested in getting his piece of the Olympic action.â€?

With the Olympics providing world class sporting action, you have to wonder whether the public will be interested in a high-profile version of CBBC’s sugar-fuelled 50/50. On the other hand, it’s always possible that Team GB may miss out with viewers being too excited about the prospect of the egg and spoon race.