Cowell Would Be Prepared To ‘Go To Court’ Over Blog Lies

A rogue blogger claiming to be an executive with Sony Music may have claimed that Ronan Parke was fixed to be the winner of the Britain’s Got Talent final last weekend, but when the votes were in it was Jai McDowall who walked away victorious with Parke coming second.

If the reports of Machavellian skulduggery were true, then his lost was the second bombshell to hit Cowell in one week after Cheryl Cole was dumped from The X Factor USA (it was deemed that most Americans wouldn’t be able to understand her Geordie accent).

But the music boss has condemned the blog as a “smear campaignâ€? made up of “complete and utter liesâ€? this morning as well as swearing vengeance on the person who attempted to damage his credibility.

“The post was so malicious and so anti this 12-year-old kid who couldn’t defend himself,” he said. “The fact there were people who thought it was a scam, or worse that it was true or a publicity job, made me feel sick to my stomach. I phoned his mum. It was a hammer blow.â€?

He refuses to talk about what action the police are taking but is assured that they are taking it seriously, as the email “could have wrecked his life.â€? He also dismissed the claims that it was a publicity stunt vehemently by stating that he would be prepared to stand up in court it reached that level. Cowell has also confirmed that he is looking to sign both competitors to his record label Syco.

He told The Sun that he “could do something with Ronan and Jai” although he hinted at his hectic schedule, “We’re doing a lot with people like JLS”. We’d read that contract very carefully if we were Jai..