Cowell’s Company Denies BGT Fix Claims

Simon Cowell’s production company have come out fighting this afternoon in a bid to dispel rumours sweeping the internet that this year’s Britain’s Got Talent has been fixed for Ronan Parke to win this weekend.

“There is no truth in this story whatsoever,” said an executive this afternoon. “Syco/Sony Music will not hesitate to take whatever legal action is appropriate to prevent further publication of these unfounded allegations.â€?

The rumours started when an anonymous person posted a scathing attack on Simon Cowell’s company, claiming that Ronan Parke was known to tand has been set up to win.

Syco vehemently deny this and have said that “Ronan first came to Syco/Sony’s attention when he entered this year’s competition.”

However in the piece, the anonymous exec, known only as ‘Anon’ – see what they did there? – lied that Ronan Parke, who is currently five-to-six favourite to win Britain’s Got Talent may not be everything he seems. In fact, Anon alleged he has been groomed by Syco for over two years and that he is being shaped as the British Justin Bieber.

The unidentified insider then went on to fabricate that Ronan was privately auditioned by Syco and invited to audition for BGT as a ‘preferred’ performer and signed up to a recording contract.

More porky pies explained how for two years running Ronan’s anxiety got the better of him at auditions and he was unable to perform, causing one senior Syco exec to suggest dropping the young singer.

The blogger’s alleged account of Ronan’s “development”, which has been circulating on the internet, also claims his hairstyle, clothing and mannerisms have all been choreographed.