Crassus Wants A Part In Spartacus Spin Off


Simon Merrells who played Crassus – the richest man in the Roman Republic who brought Spartacus to his eventual demise – was interviewed on SKY Radio on Monday and was recorded as saying if there were to be a Caesar spin-off show now that Spartacus has died, he would “be in there like a shot.â€?

Is Spartacus done and dusted then? Will it come back in any way shape or form.. Can you give us some sort of hope?

“Well, you’re asking a mere actor – and obviously the makeup girls and the cleaners will find out before me. There has been rumbles about a spin-off, ah, a Caesar spin-off which could or could not involve my character Crassus, certainly historically they went on for a while. I have no idea to be honest, you hear rumbles but Steven De Knight and Starz are the people who would be talking about that.â€?

On Spartacus – Have you been surprised it’s got as popular as it has got?
Simon Merrells said: “I’m not surprised really because there were three seasons before I joined and when I auditioned and then got the job I did a lot of research and became, and became very impressed with it and then found out that it had this enormous fan base, which I wasn’t surprised by it because it’s a fairly unique show, there’s nothing quite like it on TV.

I think The Guardian said “No show takes its remit to entertain as fully and as seriously as Spartacusâ€? and I’d go along with that. No I’m not surprised, it’s a worldwide phenomenon – massive in the states. Here (UK) it’s got a big fan base, it’s more a culty thing here I think but it’s certainly grown over the years.â€?

You must have enjoyed working on Spartacus?
“Oh my god, yeah, job of a lifetime – fantastic experience right from the word go from being trained in boot camp which was painful but a wonderful experience, the peerless stunt team run by Al Poperton, those guys trained us all – got us all up to scratch. I think I lost about 9kg in three and a half weeks. And then there’s the double sword training, the stunt training, I learnt to ride – it was such an experience, I had the time of my life.â€?

Would you work with them again?
Absolutely, they are a lovely bunch of people and I’d be in there like a shotâ€?