Cronenberg Talks Eastern Promises 2 & The Fly 3

A Dangerous Method is about to premier at the New York Film Festival (with a showing here at the LFF later this month) and he’s just finished Cosmopolis, so what else has David Cronenberg been keeping under his hat (besides his silver barnet that is)?

Well Shock Till You Drop had a chat with him to talk about movie rumours which he’s happy to confirm or dispel.

First up is the rumour that he’d be remaking a version of his body horror classic The Fly which is true. Sort of. “Yeah, that was a thing,” he says. “It’s not exactly a remake; it’s sort of a sequel, kinda. I’ve written a script of that but I don’t know if it’s going to really happen. That has to do with Fox.” We’re not really sure if that particularly story has any road left to run but hey, we’ll pass judgement should it come to pass.

The remake of the Spanish thriller Timecrimes definitely isn’t going to happen – “They proposed it to me and I turned it down, and then suddenly it was on the ‘net like I’m doing it! I think it was the director of the Spanish version that was responsible for saying I’m doing it, but I never was.”

A sequel to Eastern Promises is something that he’s looking at but seems a bit cagey about – “It’s possible. Steve Knight wrote it, and he’s now writing a second draft, and Focus are interested, so we’ll see…”

Well, watch this space. In the mean time A Dangerous Method is screening in London at the LFF and will get a full cinematic release in February.