Cronenberg’s Talking Cure Renamed

Cronenberg219Apparently The Talking Cure wasn’t a sexy enough title for those Hollywood types as David Cronenberg’s third collaboration with Viggo Moertensen is being retitled as The Dangerous Method.

But other than a change of title, the film will be a mostly faithful adaptation of Christopher Hampton’s (he of Dangerous Liaisons fame) play: a drama about the famous pyschoanalist Sigmund Freud arguing with his pupil Carl Jung and Jung’s affair with a paitent of his Sabina.

The play was warming received during its sold out London run where it featured Ralph Fiennes as Jung, Dominic Rowan as Freud and Jodhi May as Sabina. Cronenberg’s version will feature Mortensen as Freud (replacing Christoph Waltz at short notice), the ever-reliable Michael Fassbender (last seen in Roman sandal ’em up Centurion) as Jung, and Keira Knightley.

And according to Deadline, producers have promised the film will feature “lots of spirited sex”. Let’s hope that’s not the dangerous method alluded to in the title…